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Battlefield tours by bus


Bus tours through the greater area of Nijmegen past drop and landing zones and monuments of Operation Market Garden, the largest airborne operation ever. These tours can be extended with a tour of the battlefields of the Rhineland Offensive (Operation Veritable), the largest military attack in history launched from Dutch territory.

Sunday September 17th 1944, the Netherlands are still suffering under the national-socialist occupation. As a gift from heaven 8.000 American para’s land in and around Groesbeek and Nijmegen on this Sunday to liberate the Netherlands. At the same time the British army advances from Belgium through Brabant towards Nijmegen and Arnhem to seize the bridges over the waterways in the South-East of the Netherlands in one swift action. Although Arnhem was a bridge too far, the greater area around Nijmegen was liberated and from here the foundation was laid for the liberation of the Netherlands and Western Europe from February 1945 with the large Rhineland Offensive (Operation Veritable).
The battlefield tours Market Garden in the Groesbeek area are standard 1,5 hours and can on request be extended with e.g. the Battle of Nijmegen and Arnhem and/or the Rhineland Offensive. We also have guides available on request for specialized tours like groups of veterans, historians, or military trainees.

The possibilities

There are various possibilities to book a battlefield tour by bus for a group including a guide:

1. As part of a package (see group packages on this website).

2. Without a package but in combination with a visit to the Liberation Museum.

a) Entry-fee museum € 9,-- pp (groups from minimum 10 pers).
b) Battlefield tour guide € 55,- per 1.5 hour (excl. bus) 1 guide per bus.
Based on your own bus transport. However, we can also arrange your bus transport.

3. Without a package and without a visit to the Liberation Museum.

a) Battlefield tour guide € 55,- per 1.5 hour (excl. bus) 1 guide per bus.
Based on your own bus transport. However, we can also arrange your bus transport.

Costs of bus transport 

10-19 persons                  € 180,-
20-25 persons                  € 205,-
26-50 persons                  € 295,-
51-60 persons                  € 330,-
61-80 persons                  € 350,-

Rates are based on 1.5 hour regardless which day. Extra hours: € 55,- per hour.
Please allow for a seat for the guide, this could mean booking a larger bus.




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