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Digital collections


The museum has recently started donating images to Wikimedia Commons. Over 200 photographs have been added so far. 

Collectie Gelderland
The abbreviation Collectie Gelderland stands for Internet Gelderland Museums. Here you can find collections, museum objects and stories about the museum treasures in Gelderland. In 2001 the Collectie Gelderland started to make the museum collections in Gelderland digitally available. Currently the partial collections of MUSIP, the Museum Inventarisation Project, have been added. The museums now can present information about their subcollections and objects on the internet via this website.
Whether you would like to browse around the database or you are looking for an unique object or a special collection, you are bound to meet many of the prize exhibits from Gelderland museums. Collectie Gelderland offers a look behind the scenes. Apart from objects that are actually on display in the museum, the site also displays objects which rarely or never are on display in the museum. For example because these objects are too vulnerable to be taken out of the depot.

NIOD photo database
This database offers admittance to a selection of the sizable photo collection of the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation. The collection contains 130.000 photo’s, shot in the Netherlands, former Netherlands East Indies, in the belligerent countries and on the various fronts. Over the past 50 years the collection increased steadily to the current valuable collection, which amply provides examples of the various kinds of photography: press photography, propaganda photos and the important collection of amateur snaps and photo’s that were taken illegally.

Nijmegen: 'More than a human'
(website on Nijmegen war dead)
With this site a digital memorial was erected for the many victims of war, especially those among the civilian population of Nijmegen. The objective is to give the victims more than just a name. The over 50 war memorials in Nijmegen often list names, but a background on the person and the events in the war he or she was caught up in is lacking. Eventually not only the civilians, but also the many military victims will be memorialised on the website.



  • Mysterious discovery in ‘Mein Kampf’

    The National Liberation Museum 1944-1945 in Groesbeek has made a remarkable discovery:
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  • Exhibition 'The SS: Versatile Extremism'

    The SS is one of the most infamous organisations in history. The name SS immediately recalls images of blond Aryan men, ruthless camp guards, and death squads.
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  • Group Day Packages 2018

    The National Liberation Museum has a number of special group day packages in 2017.
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  • Battlefield tours 2018

    The National Liberation Museum offers various battlefield tours in 2017: bus tours, bicycle tours and battlefield tours in historical army vehicles.
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  • Liberation Festival & Children’s Flea Market 2017

    The National Liberation Museum 1944-1945 in Groesbeek holds its yearly Liberation Festival with different fun activities on Sunday 17 September 2017.
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