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Erlebe die Freiheit!
   Experience freedom!
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Experience Freedom!



The Liberation Museum is set in the beautiful landscape near Nijmegen, Arnhem and the German border, a unique location: Operation Market Garden, the largest airborne operation in history took place here in September 1944 and Operation Veritable, the Rhineland Offensive, the final road to freedom in Europe, started from here in February 1945.
The museum brings the historical events of the liberation by the American, British, Canadian and Polish troops back to life. In the museum, you live through the period preceding the war, experience the occupation, celebrate the liberation and witness the rebuilding of the Netherlands and Europe after the war. Aromas, interactive presentations, diorama’s, models, original films and sound fragments captivatingly depict the liberation. The museum shows both young and old the current value and importance of democracy, freedom and human rights.

* Freedom on Wings: 750 model airplanes of WW2
* Model of Operation Market Garden

* Air-raid shelter and Liberation Street

* Diorama of the Waal crossing
* Operation Veritable: the battle for the lower Rhine

* The Honorary Dome with Roll of Honour

* Guided tours and temporary exhibitions

* Educational programmes for children

* Battlefield tours and excursions (by bus or bicycle)

* Group packages

* Yearly events: commemorations and liberation festival

* Visit to the several large cemeteries of the Commonwealth Graves Commission in the area and border region

 Besides a visit to the permanent exhibition we also have great group packages, events, alternating exhibitions and special programmes for primary and secondary schools.

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Promotion films National Liberation Museum 1944-1945


This film was made by Wilco Nillissen after his visit to the museum in 2012.



In August 2011 a film was made by a group of young people of the International People's Project (IPP/CISV) when they were working in the museum:







  • New Temporary exhibition from November 20th-May 31st 2016 entitled 'The Poles. Liberators in exile'.

    They fought for our freedom with the allied forces, but they themselves were not liberated.
    Read more..
  • November 11th donation from Canada to the Netherlands

    Liberation wooden shoes from Canada return to the Netherlands.
    Read more..
  • October 25 Lili Marlene at the Liberation Museum

    How a 'Schlager' made history and became the greatest hit in WW2.
    Read more..
  • Experience freedom on September 20th at the Liberation Museum and in Groesbeek town centre

    Extensive festive programme with a free shuttle service between the museum and the town centre.
    Read more..
  • On June 12 Canadian couple will plant flags at the Canadian War Cemetery Groesbeek

    John and Margaret Gordon from Toronto together with 45 schoolchildren from Groesbeek
    Read more..


Please support us in keeping the liberation message alive.

The Liberation Museum receives almost no grants and is kept operational by a few paid staff members and more than 100 volunteers. All financial support is very welcome!

Please send your donations to:
IBAN: NL14RABO0117428876
Made payable to: The Liberation Museum, Groesbeek, The Netherlands

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