Beleef de vrijheid!
Erlebe die Freiheit!
   Experience freedom!

Guided tour


A guided tour of 1,5 hrs of the museum highlights. The guided tour is available as an extra to your visit.
We can offer you:
- An introduction with film in our cinema. You can choose from the following films: Operation Market Garden (English spoken version), Unfinished Past (English spoken version), Victory in the Netherlands (Dutch spoken with English subtitles) and The Short Life of Anne Frank (Dutch spoken with English subtitles).
- A tour of our permanent exhibition with an expert guide, including highlights such as the reconstruction of a secret closet for hiding from the nazis, a model of Operation Market Garden and a diorama of the crossing of the river Waal, a bomb shelter, the Remembrance Dome with the Roll of Honor and the Liberation Square.
Price guided tour: € 55,00 (max. 20 persons per guide).



  • Programme 5 May 2018 - Liberation Festival

    The National Liberation Museum 1944-1945 in Groesbeek organises its annual Liberation Festival on 5 May 2018.
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  • The Communists. In Resistance to Fascism and Capital

    The communist resistance has a turbulent history. The communists were the first group in the Netherlands to resist the rise of fascism.
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  • Mysterious discovery in ‘Mein Kampf’

    The National Liberation Museum 1944-1945 in Groesbeek has made a remarkable discovery:
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  • Exhibition 'The SS: Versatile Extremism'

    The SS is one of the most infamous organisations in history. The name SS immediately recalls images of blond Aryan men, ruthless camp guards, and death squads.
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  • Group Day Packages 2018

    The National Liberation Museum has a number of special group day packages in 2017.
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