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The Liberation Museum offers various bicycle tours in 2018:



1. Bicycle tour of the battlefields of WW2 in Nijmegen


Operation Market Garden started on Sunday September 17th 1944 and was the beginning of a very dark period for Nijmegen. The operation brought freedom from the German oppression, but also cost more civilian lives and buildings than the bombing of Nijmegen on February 22nd 1944. Although Operation Market Garden is more widely known as ‘The battle of Arnhem’, according to many historians the events in and around Nijmegen defined the outcome of this doomed airborne operation. Few citizens of Nijmegen know the extent of the operation and especially the ferocity of the fighting.

To commemorate this struggle, the National Liberation Museum now presents bicycle tours  ‘The Liberation of Nijmegen’, battlefield tours to adjust the present image of the Battle of Nijmegen.

The bicycle tours of about 10 km (max. 20 persons), take you in 4 hours to locations in the Nijmegen area where the Germans and the allied soldiers fought very hard. The guides tell stories of the bravery and sacrifice of ordinary citizens who were often literally caught in the firing line. The guides will also talk about the important role of the Dutch resistance during this operation. Central in the tour is the courageous crossing of the river Waal by American paras, directly resulting in the liberation of Nijmegen. The story of the only Dutchman participating in this almost crazy action is also told. Historical images, documents and props make these stories come to life.

Practical information:

Dates in 2018: May 6, June 24, September 9 and 30.

Time: 1-5 pm.
Start: the statue of ‘Mariken van Nimwegen’, Grote Markt, Nijmegen centre. (view map) (Google Maps)
Tickets (sold by the guide) : € 6,00 pp includes an entry-ticket for 50% reduction to the Liberation Museum.
reservations required! Participants are kindly requested to bring their own bike!
Tel + 31 24 397 44 04



2. Bicycle tour of the battlefields of WW2 in the Groesbeek area

If only the thousands of American paras who landed in the Groesbeek area on September 17th 1944 had had bicycles! Maybe then they would have captured the bridges over the river Waal much quicker.

Today you can discover these landing and drop zones by bike. Led by a professional museum guide, you cycle the route taken by the 82nd American Airborne Division. During the tour you will learn about the events that took place on Sunday September 17th, 1944 and the days that followed. The American paras landed to capture the bridges in Grave and Nijmegen.

At 12 pm, before the start of the bicycle tour (max. 20 persons), a short film and a scale model of the area will be shown to provide more information on Operation Market Garden. Leaving the museum at 1 pm, you will cycle to the drop and landing zones where the Americans were engaged in heavy fighting with the German troops. The route is marked by monuments remembering Operation Market Garden in the Nijmegen area. The 20 km route takes you through the villages of Groesbeek, Breedeweg, Plasmolen and Mook.  

Practical information:

Dates in 2018: July 22, August 5, 12 and 19.

Time: 12-3.30 pm
Starting point
: National Liberation Museum 1944-1945
: € 6,00 includes an entry-ticket for 50% reduction to the Liberation Museum.

Details: reservations required! Participants are kindly requested to bring their own bike!
Tel + 31 24 397 44 04



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